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  • AaNine’s Claims Fallout Functions is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of claims management within the US healthcare system. We understand the challenges payers face in processing claims efficiently while ensuring accuracy and compliance. Our specialized services are tailored to address the intricate issues that arise during the claims submission and processing stages.
  • Our Claims Fallout Functions are designed to streamline and resolve issues encountered during the claims processing journey, ensuring smoother transactions between healthcare providers and payers.

Who we serve

Our Services

Expert Claims Denial Management

Navigating through claim denials can be daunting. AaNine offers comprehensive denial management solutions. We analyze denied claims thoroughly, pinpointing the reasons for refusal, and work closely with payers and providers to resolve these issues promptly.

Claims Error Mitigation

Our systematic approach focuses on preventing errors before submission. Through meticulous reviews and adherence to payer policies, we ensure claims accuracy to minimize rejections and delays.

Claims Rejection Resolution

We specialize in identifying and rectifying claims rejections swiftly. Our team meticulously reviews rejected claims, addressing coding errors, missing information, and any discrepancies that hinder successful claim submissions.

Appeals and Resubmissions Support

When claims are denied or rejected, our dedicated team assists in the appeals process and facilitates timely resubmissions. We collaborate with providers to gather necessary documentation and ensure compliance with payer requirements.

Scope of Our Services​

AaNine’s Claim Fallout Functions – Facets, is a go-to claim payment platform, also known as Integrated Prices. Our system is designed to streamline claim processing through an automated adjudication process. In the event that claims encounter issues within Facets, they are seamlessly directed to specific queues based on the necessary corrections.

Each queue is managed by a dedicated associate who reviews the source data and compares it with the information stored in our database. Any required corrections to existing records are swiftly executed within the respective queue. Once the necessary adjustments are completed, the associate authorizes the release of claims for payment.

With Facets, our priority is to ensure accuracy and efficiency in claim processing, offering a seamless experience that facilitates smooth payments.

Why Choose Us

Assure potential clients that your services adhere to industry regulations and compliance standards.


Our team comprises seasoned professionals well-versed in the nuances of claims management within the US healthcare landscape.


We prioritize swift resolution to minimize delays and maximize reimbursement for both payers and providers.

Tailored Solutions

Our services are customized to meet each client's specific needs, providing personalized attention to every aspect of claims fallout.

At AaNine, we are committed to streamlining the claims fallout process for payers, alleviating the complexities associated with claims rejection, denial, and errors. Partner with us to enhance your claims management efficiency and optimize reimbursements.
Contact us today to learn more about how AaNine’s Claims Fallout Functions can benefit your organization.