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  • Financial Recovery is a crucial post-adjudication procedure designed to identify overpayments on claims. This process involves the reprocessing of claims according to specified provisions and the initiation of recovery efforts. Our streamlined approach guarantees the accurate and prompt setup of Financial Recovery for overpaid claims, ensuring that both members and providers receive benefits in accordance with policy and contract terms.
  • At AaNine, we understand the critical role that financial recovery plays for healthcare payers. Our specialized Financial Recovery Services focus on the post-adjudication phase, where we identify overpayments on claims, reprocess them in accordance with the stipulated provisions, and initiate the crucial recovery process.
  • Our Financial Recovery Services are designed to address the challenges of overpayments of claims, ensuring both accuracy and timeliness in setting up the Financial Recovery process for overpaid claims.

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Personalized Solutions

Analyzing an individual’s genetic makeup can help identify genetic variations that may influence disease risk, drug response, and potential health issues.

Accuracy and Efficiency

EHR systems enhance accuracy by providing a centralized and standardized repository for patient information, reducing errors associated with paper records.


Implementing and following evidence-based clinical guidelines and protocols promotes reliability in diagnosis and treatment approaches.

Scope of Our Services​

Establishing clear lines of communication among healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, and specialists, ensures a cohesive and reliable approach to patient care.

Examine potential overpayments

Contact providers and verify payments

Prepare for overpayment retrieval

Reevaluate claims to rectify incorrect refund requests

Why Choose Us


Our team consists of experienced professionals with extensive experience, ensuring that you benefit from our in-depth knowledge and industry insights.

We prioritize the accuracy of claims processing, reducing the risk of overpayments and ensuring that benefits are correctly disbursed to policyholders and healthcare providers.

Identifying and addressing payment inaccuracies, we help control healthcare costs and promote efficient resource allocation.

Our advanced analytics and fraud detection methods work to prevent and uncover fraudulent billing practices, safeguarding your financial interests.

We provide clear and comprehensive reporting, fostering transparency in the financial recovery process.

Our services assist you in maintaining compliance with industry regulations and mitigating potential financial liabilities.

We support healthcare providers in understanding and complying with billing and coding requirements, facilitating a smoother claims process.


Our comprehensive approach to financial recovery ensures that you can optimize your revenue cycle with confidence. By entrusting us with the post-adjudication process, you can focus on your core functions, secure in the knowledge that your financial health is in expert hands.