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  • AaNine’s Payment Integrity Service, where precision meets efficiency in the world of healthcare payments! Our advanced services redefine the landscape of payment integrity for healthcare payers across the country.
  • At AaNine, we understand the critical importance of accuracy and compliance in processing healthcare claims. Our extensive suite of services is meticulously designed to safeguard against errors, fraud, and waste in the complex healthcare billing ecosystem.
  • Our comprehensive Payment Integrity Service is designed to empower payers across the healthcare spectrum with innovative services, advanced technology, and expert strategies aimed at safeguarding against errors, fraud, and unnecessary costs.

Who we serve

Our Services

Claims Review and Analysis

We leverage state-of-the-art analytics and robust algorithms to meticulously review and analyze claims data, identifying anomalies and irregularities that might evade conventional detection methods

Thorough Audits and Investigations

Our dedicated team conducts in-depth audits and investigations, meticulously scrutinizing claims to ensure adherence to regulations and contractual obligations, leaving no stone unturned in validating their accuracy.

Empowering Education

AaNine believes in the power of knowledge. We provide comprehensive education to both healthcare providers and members, imparting essential insights into billing practices, payer policies, and procedures, thus minimizing errors and maximizing compliance.

Innovative Technology Services

Our advanced technological services, incorporating predictive modeling, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, proactively flag potential fraudulent activities and billing discrepancies.


We are committed to ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements, payer policies, and industry standards, fostering transparency and accuracy in every transaction.

Scope of Our Services​

Explain your approach to claims processing to ensure accuracy and compliance.Highlight any advanced technologies or methodologies used for efficient claims adjudication.

Identify and recover payer inaccurate payments

Ensure accurate and timely payments

Reduce the total cost of recovery

Strengthen provider relationships

Why Choose Us

Enhanced Accuracy

Rest assured that your claims are thoroughly reviewed, reducing errors and ensuring the accuracy of payments.

Our proactive approach helps in detecting and preventing fraudulent activities, safeguarding your organization’s resources.

By mitigating improper payments and identifying inefficiencies, we contribute to controlling healthcare costs effectively.

We offer educational resources to help providers and members understand billing practices and compliance standards, fostering a culture of transparency and cooperation.


With AaNine’s Payment Integrity Service, you’ll experience a dedicated partnership committed to optimizing your payment processes. Our team of industry experts, coupled with our innovative technology solutions, ensures that your organization operates with precision and compliance.

Don’t let payment inaccuracies or fraudulent activities impact your bottom line. Partner with AaNine today to secure your payment integrity and elevate the efficiency of your healthcare payment systems.

Contact us to learn more about how AaNine’s Payment Integrity Service can benefit your organization.