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Technology and services that scale with your organization

AaNinehealth’s comprehensive suite of products and services support seamless connectivity across acute and ambulatory settings while improving efficiency and outcomes. Our technology helps boost financial performance, optimize care delivery, and is built to scale with your needs as they evolve.

Entities and specialties we serve

ACO - Accountable Care Organization

Growing Your Business Scale our ACO solutions


Enhancing Your Organizations Goals with utilization allocation and resource management

Urgent Care Centers

Urgent care centers offer prompt medical care for require immediate attention but are not life-threatening.


A nursing home is more of a permanent residence for patients who need assistance 

Health plans

Assisting with utilization allocation and resource management

Speciality Clinics

Focused on providing medical care to patients with specific medical conditions.

It’s truly an honor to have our products recognized across the industry

Make it easier for patients to receive care wherever they are while minimizing workflow disruptions. Our telehealth product is fully integrated with our EHR.

Boost your revenue cycle staff’s efficiency and improve retention no matter where they’re working. Our gamification product challenges employees to improve their work quality and speed through friendly competition.

Over the past eight years, SCP Health has doubled in size to approximately 7.5K clinicians and 8M patients without needing to add billing staff. They achieved this milestone with the support of athenaIDX, athenaEDI, and athenaIDX Hosting Services. 

Augusta Medical Group (AMG), the ambulatory department of Augusta Health community hospital, struggled with an EHR that impeded access to medical and billing information across the health system.