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  • Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) Coding is a crucial system in the US healthcare domain, critical in determining patient health statuses by assigning specific diagnostic codes to their conditions. These codes encapsulate a patient’s health complexities, chronic diseases, and acute illnesses, thereby illustrating the level of care required. Through a meticulous evaluation process, HCC Coding assigns risk scores, determining the funding allocation for healthcare providers from insurance entities or government health programs such as Medicare Advantage.
  • In the MRA process, these chart reviewers play a pivotal role by ensuring a comprehensive capture of all pertinent medical data, thereby contributing to precise risk score calculations. With a focus on thoroughness and precision, our reviewers uphold the integrity of the healthcare system by uncovering vital information that supports better patient care and fair reimbursement.

Who we serve

Our Services

Coding and Documentation Enhancement

Our proficient coding and documentation teams work alongside healthcare providers to guarantee precise and comprehensive recording of diagnoses. Utilizing meticulous chart reviews, documentation training, and continual assistance, we enhance coding precision and maximize risk scores.

HCC Coding Validation

Our services in HCC coding validation guarantee the precision and thoroughness of coded documentation. We employ cutting-edge technology and skilled auditors to validate and cross-check codes, reducing errors and optimizing the accuracy of risk adjustments.

Prospective and Retrospective Chart Reviews

Our extensive chart examinations pinpoint overlooked or unrecorded diagnoses. By meticulously analyzing medical records, we discover chances for proper documentation and coding, resulting in enhanced accuracy in risk adjustment and better reimbursement outcomes.

Member Risk Score Analysis

Using advanced analytics, we examine member data to spot deficiencies in risk adjustment. Through data-driven insights, we assist health plans in actively tackling opportunities for better risk adjustment, boosting financial performance, and refining care coordination.

Scope of Our Services​

Collecting medical records

Reviewing medical records

Identifying additional diagnoses

Ensuring accurate coding

Communicating with healthcare providers

Reporting results

Why Choose Us

Accuracy and Compliance

We prioritize accuracy and adhere to all coding regulations and compliance standards to ensure our clients’ records are meticulously coded and meet industry requirements.

Our expertise in HCC Coding enables us to help healthcare providers maximize their reimbursements by accurately reflecting the severity of their patient’s conditions.

We understand that each healthcare provider has unique needs. Therefore, we offer customized solutions that align with specific practice requirements.

Our team is committed to providing ongoing support and guidance to our clients, ensuring seamless integration of HCC Coding into their practice workflow.


At AaNine, we understand the critical importance of thorough medical record evaluation. Our reviewers are committed to assisting healthcare providers and organizations in maximizing the accuracy of risk assessments for enhanced patient care and optimized reimbursement.

Trust AaNine’s medical chart reviewers to provide comprehensive and reliable support in the Medicare Risk Adjustment process.