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Why Partner with AaNine’s dental billing for dental billing services?

Aanine’s Dental Billing works as an extension of your dental office. We take care of the dental billing process for your business so you can concentrate on providing the best patient care.

Collaborating with us means getting a personalized and verified team of dental billing experts that will take care of all procedures needed to collect the money that’s fairly owed to you.

Our team of billing experts will accurately provide dental insurance verification, claims submissions (electronically and via paper forms), payment entries, denied claims appeals, as well as audit and follow-up on outstanding claims.

Build trust, decrease your patient accounts receivables, and ease your mind with Aanine’s Dental Billing!

Who we serve

Dental Billing Services We Offer

AaNine’s Dental Billing Services has been catering to the needs of clients for over 10 years now. We specialize in providing error-free dental medical billing services to clients around the globe within quick turnaround time. Some of the key dental billing services we offer include –

1. Dental Insurance Verification

Our team has the required skills and expertise to provide you with accurate dental insurance verification services. We ensure that all the details submitted by the client is correct and hence helps in reducing denials and insurance rejections.

2. Dental Patient Demographics Entry

We have the required skilled resources that can provide you with accurate patient demographic entry services. We create and maintain the patient files which comprise critical patient details such as contact info, insurance provider details, etc.

3. Dental Coding Services

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced medical coders who can accurately provide you with CPT and ICD-10 dental billing and coding services for your dental practice. Our services ensure that none of the claims get rejected due to incorrect dental coding.

4. Dental Billing Charge Entry

We have a team of highly professional dental billing charge entry experts who take care of all your requirements. We check all the relevant information regarding the payments and costs and ensure that they are highly accurate before submission.

5. Dental Claims Submission

When you choose to outsource dental billing services to us, you can be assured that all your claims are submitted on time. This ensures that the payments are received on time and the cash flow is maintained in a streamlined manner.

6. Dental AR Follow-up

A lot of clients lose out on their payments for the dental services they have provided due to the lack of follow-up. Our team of medical billing experts can take care of all your dental accounts receivable follow-up services and ensure that you receive the payments on time.

7. Dental Payment Posting

We have the required team with the bandwidth to take care of your payment posting requirements. We ensure that we post the payments in a prompt manner to the patients and address the denials in the most efficient manner.

8. Dental Denial Analysis

Our team at AaNine will handle denials in the most effective manner. We will analyse each denial and identify the key reasons for its rejection. We correct the incorrect data and provide the required information which is needed to fast track the reimbursements for the denials.