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  • When it comes to outsourcing your medical record retrieval requirements, AaNine stands out as the preferred choice for healthcare service providers. Our team possesses extensive experience managing various medical record retrieval operations, guaranteeing both the security of sensitive data and expeditious retrieval times.
  • We recognize the utmost significance of healthcare records for our clients. We are acutely aware of the critical role healthcare documentation plays, and we acknowledge the challenges presented by the often time-consuming and intricate process. Every member of your team stands to gain significantly from more efficient medical record retrieval solutions, as this liberation of time empowers them to concentrate on their core competencies.
  • With AaNine as your trusted partner, you can channel your energies into providing better patient care. Our real-time updates keep you in the loop as you track your requests, ensuring seamless communication and a hassle-free experience.

Who we serve

Our Services

Coordination with Client

EHR access Status of Medical record receipts Referral order details Vendor details Fax number updates

Contacting Patient

Checking the status of visit for extended care If not visited, then encouraging them to follow the advice of PCP

Specialist for Extended care

Specialist should be able to provide the necessary contact information for the hospital, emergency room, or specialist in question

Medical Record Department

Once the contact information is obtained, contact the hospital, emergency room, or specialist to request the medical records

Scope of Our Services

Patient follow up

It must be possible to prove that records are what they purport to be and who created them, by keeping a record of their management through time.

Reminder to the patient to use the referral

Records must accurately reflect the transactions that they document piece of written information in any form.

Monitoring referrals in HER

This includes details such as the referring provider, reason for referral, patient information, and any relevant clinical details.

Consistent coordination with the referral coordinator

Establish clear communication channels between healthcare providers and the referral coordinator.

Contacting specialist to confirm the patient visit

Share pertinent information about the patient's condition, relevant medical history, and the specific reason for the referral.

Obtain contact information & follow up

Collect accurate contact information during the patient registration process. This includes phone numbers, email addresses, and emergency contacts.

Retrieve the Medical records and close the loop

Utilize the search function within the EHR system to locate and retrieve the patient's medical records.

Index the MR in EHR appropriate Document type

Relevant metadata to the document, such as the date of the record, the provider who authored it, or any other pertinent information.

Why Choose Us

Eliminate unnecessary expenditure of time and finances in pursuit of records​

Securing records in a timely manner frequently involves making phone calls, sending emails and faxes, and persistently following up, thereby imposing a burden and consuming precious time that cannot be reclaimed.

Efficient and Affordable Records Retrieval with Minimal Inconvenience​

Our reliable and trustworthy process enables us to deliver records promptly in various formats. Our structured approach guarantees a systematic progression, starting from order acceptance and legal document preparation, through the service of legal documents and location follow-up, culminating in electronic capture and delivery.  

Expeditious And Attentive Assistance by Our Committed Support Team​

Our responsive support team possesses great expertise within the field, upholds the highest standards of honesty and integrity, and is genuinely dedicated to ensuring the success of your record retrieval tasks.  

Incorporate a more streamlined approach to medical record management by integrating AaNine as an extension of your team, and get away from the woes of slower retrieval methods.