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  • At AaNine, we understand the critical importance of accurate and updated provider information within the healthcare landscape. Our Provider Cleansing Service is designed to streamline and refine provider data, offering a robust solution to maintain the integrity of healthcare databases across various platforms.
  • Provider Cleansing Service at AaNine involves meticulous verification, validation, and updating of crucial information about healthcare providers. We meticulously verify details such as contact information, specialties, credentials, affiliations, and any other essential data associated with healthcare professionals and facilities.

Who we serve

Our Services

Data Aggregation

Collecting provider information from disparate sources like medical directories, licensing boards, and insurance networks.

Data Standardization

Formatting data into a consistent and uniform structure for easier analysis and integration.

Data Matching

Identifying and merging duplicate records to ensure a single, accurate representation of each provider.

Data Enrichment

Adding missing information like specialties, languages spoken, and gender to enhance provider profiles.

Data Validation

Verifying the accuracy of data points through cross-referencing with authoritative sources.

Scope of Our Services


Rigorous checks to authenticate and validate provider data.

Update & Correction

Ensuring that information remains current and error-free.


Continuous efforts to keep databases up-to-date for seamless access.

Why Choose Us

Data Accuracy

We prioritize accuracy, ensuring that the information within healthcare systems remains reliable for seamless operations.

By maintaining up-to-date provider information, we facilitate smoother processes for appointment scheduling, insurance claims, and patient care.

Accessing accurate data empowers patients and healthcare organizations to make informed decisions about their healthcare providers.

Our services are customizable, catering to the unique needs of healthcare organizations, insurance companies, and other stakeholders.


At AaNine, we employ advanced tools and a dedicated team of experts committed to meticulously verifying and updating healthcare provider information. Our goal is to ensure the accuracy and integrity of data, empowering patients, healthcare providers, and insurance companies to make informed decisions confidently.