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  • Are you struggling with subpar accuracy scores and sluggish turnaround times in your medical coding process? For healthcare providers, precision and speed in medical coding are paramount. A decline in these key performance indicators (KPIs) can significantly impact their financial bottom line.

  • Providers are constantly under pressure to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and maximize revenue. Accurate and swift medical coding plays a pivotal role in achieving these objectives.

  • At AaNine, we understand the crucial link between precise medical coding and the financial health of your organization. We specialize in offering innovative solutions to help you enhance your medical coding processes, thereby optimizing your revenue cycle management.

Who we serve

Our Services

CPT, ICD, HCPCS, and DRG Coding

Our expert coders are proficient in the complete range of coding systems, including Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), International Classification of Diseases (ICD), Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS), and Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG) coding. This expertise allows us to accurately capture and translate the details of your medical procedures, diagnoses, and services.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our coding services are designed to optimize your revenue cycle, ensuring that you receive appropriate reimbursement for your services. From coding to billing, we streamline the entire process, reducing the likelihood of claim denials.

Compliance and Data Security

Compliance with healthcare regulations is non-negotiable. AaNine is committed to upholding the highest standards of regulatory compliance, including HIPAA and other privacy and security requirements.

Data Analysis and Quality Improvement

Beyond just coding, we recognize the value of data in driving healthcare decisions. Our coded data serves as a valuable resource for research, quality improvement initiatives, and tracking disease trends.

Scope of Our Services​

Our team of experts who specialize in DRG and procedural coding, data entry, and ICD-10 are compliant with the HAAD adjudication rules and follow the standard HAAD coding manual. Their coding expertise cover specialties and sub-specialties such as radiology, surgery, emergency department, anesthesiology, among others.

Foster seamless communication and data sharing among healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and administrators.

Streamline the billing and reimbursement processes for medical services, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors and fraudulent activities.

Tracking and analysis of health outcomes, trends, costs, and the quality of care.

Support for research and innovation in medicine, public health, and health policy.

Why Choose Us

Accurate & Timely Coding

We prioritize precision and timely delivery to help you manage your revenue cycle efficiently.

Our coded data can empower your healthcare practice for research and quality improvement initiatives. Keep track of public health trends and clinical outcomes.

AaNine ensures that all coding processes comply with industry regulations, including HIPAA. Your data’s privacy and security are of utmost importance to us.

Our certified coders have a wealth of experience and stay updated with the latest coding standards, guaranteeing the highest level of accuracy.


We understand that each healthcare provider has unique requirements. That’s why we offer customized solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are a small clinic, a large hospital, or any healthcare facility in between, AaNine has the expertise to provide the coding services you need.